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Innotech Systems is a company with a mission of being global but acting local. This is reflected by the fact that our Headquarter is, where the majority of our Suppliers have their manufacturing sites - Central Europe. Whereas we are represented in each country in Asia- where our customers reside - by reputable agents with competent local installation and service capabilities.

Since the company's establishment, the building of our bridges between East and West began. Today Innotech Systems Rheda-Wiedenbrueck represents the Group's European anchor and headquarter.

The role of Innotech Systems Rheda WD is to service the local Asia agents in several aspects of our activities. The German Company is performing the key coordiantions tasks with the European suppliers. And we are specialised in this area of expertise, to ensure competent and high quality service.

  • For sourcing and supplier contact, the project manager is assigned to the needs of specific industries. Our policy is to provide machines and total system solutions of the highest technical standard, reliability and efficiency.
  • Once a contract is received, the order processing expert takes over to ensure smooth and efficient supervision of the production process, shipment, and arrangements for the installation and commissioning of the equipment in co-operation with suppliers and our clients.
  • Following the successful commissioning of the equipment at the customer's site we are your channel for spare-parts-  courcing, to ensure quick supply of spare parts. It is our understanding that our responsibility for the purchased systems never ends.
  • Our financing and accounting specialists take care of all "money matters" and assist in setting up individual financing plans for your needs.
  • Furthermore, Innotech Systems takes also care of buyers whenever they visit Europe. We organise and, if useful, also accompany them to their suppliers's premises, as well as to reference sites.
  • Our major area of expertise and customer base is in the field of:
    • Conversion of upper truck structures
    • Passenger bridges for sea- and airports
    • Warehouse and material handling systems
    • Food and pharma product packaging solutions
    • Machines for solid dose pharmaceutical production
    • Automatic waste processing - river cleaning equipment

Spanning from Europe across Asia, Innotech Systems bridges the gap between West & East, bringing together our knowledge and expertise to serve (y)our customers with the technology of the world.

Innotech Systems
Import Export Consulting + Trading for Asia
Headquarter Germany

33378 Rheda WD

Rheda WD Germany
Hotline SING:+65.8876.6820
Hotline CHINA PR: +86 166 3117 4877
Fax : +49.5242.543.22
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